Mumbai University Results 2017: might be out by August end

Mumbai University Results 2017: might be out by August end
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Mumbai University Results 2017 might be declared in August end. The Mumbai University who was supposed to declare their results 2017 on 15th August has missed yet another deadline to declare the final year results. As per the reports, almost around 1.5 lakh answersheets are yet to be assessed and only 330 odd test results have been declared so far and they have failed to meet the deadline that was promised by the Vie-Chancellor Sanjay Deshmukh to the agitating Yuva Sena members earlier this month.

Among the 1.5 lakh unchecked papers, the largest bundle was from the commerce stream, as per the official report. The problem is arising because of the less number of teachers to access the paper as compared to the large number of students in the stream. The assessment of the taxation papers were pending as the chartered accountants who were to check the paper were not available until last week. Moreover, a five day long holiday period too slowed the all over process leading to the delay in the results.

As the vice-chancellor Sanjay Deshmukh is on leave being forced by the Governor and Chancellor Ch Vidyasagar Rao, the acting vice-chancellor Devanand Shinde said that now new strategies have been implemented with the help of new technical workforce. He also said that he will not commit on deadlines this time but their focus is on doing the best and getting the correct results.

With the current status of assessment where a few hundred teachers are assessing 15,000 papers a day, the work could end up till the end of August. As per the sources, the assessment had picked  up pace during the non-instructional week with over 3000 teachers checking over 1.5 lakh papers a day.

The teachers who are assessing the papers are also worried that this process may also make the existing students suffer as the academic calendar and teaching period has been reduced drastically, especially with a week-long non-instructional period. As the university has missed two deadlines already, now as the holidays comes to an end on Wednesday, the acting Vice-chancellor Shinde is positive that the work will resume on a full strength and the the results will be out at the earliest.


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