Wake up call for the India IT professionals as IT companies expect another layoff in next 2 quarters. IT professionals are likely to see a downfall in job opportunities in the next quarter as traditional roles are increasingly getting disrupted due to automation and digitization according to the IT-Experis Manpower survey. The IT industry is trying hard in adjusting their talent pool, and focusing hiring at junior and mid-level while contemplating layoffs in the senior slab, the survey of 500 Indian IT employers said.This is seen as a wake up call for  IT professionals. They should utilize the next two quarters to enhance their skills and get themselves ready for the cutting edge competition.

Al Though the Indian IT employment outlook is fairly positive, But now the focus is shifting from scale to skill and enhancing the skills of employees is the new plan of action for the employers. As most of the employees seem ready for the upcoming tsunami of digitization and automation.

Majority of Indian IT Companies are now looking for new and fresh talent in the market which is skilled on the latest technologies and is ready to hit the ground.The survey found that hiring intentions weakens this quarter when compared to the last quarter of 2016.

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