World Environment Day 2018, Let’s beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2018, Let’s beat Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day, is held on June 5 2018 every year, to raise awareness for the the preservation of environment and spreading information about its pollution. It first took place in 1974 and has been an important occasion to discuss the issues that have been plaguing the environment. Global warming, marine pollution, deforestation are among the topics that are brought to the public consciousness, so that steps can be taken to curb the damage that is being done to the environment by humans. NGO’s, Government Organization, and even the private sector take the opportunity to broaden the approach to make information regarding the degradation of our natural resources to the masses.

There is a specific theme for each World Environment day, which highlights a specific topic of concern for the nations. This year, its, “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Plastic Pollution refers to the degradation of the natural environment because of the plastic pollutants.

There are three size based plastic pollutants that are responsible for the abuse, namely, micro-, meso-, or macro. People across the earth use plastic in their daily lives, and because it is cheap, the usage is incredibly high. But, the cause of concern is that the chemical composition of plastics makes it difficult for them complete natural degradation, which is the reason of plastic pollution. Not only the natural habitats, but Animals are also affected by plastic, as in seas, it gets entangled with their bodies, causes a lot of damage if it isn’t removed, or they mistakenly swallow it, which leads to sickness and even death. On land, animals usually consume plastic while going through garbage boxes, which also results in ill health. It has been found out that 90% of seabirds’ bodies are infested with traces of plastic, which is an alarming example of harmful effects of plastic. The usage of plastic in high quantities needs to be stopped.

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