World Disability Day: A day to be kind

World Disability Day: A day to be kind
Written by Abhishek Rana

World Disability Day is celebrated all over the world on 3 December, in the hope of understanding and contributing in the welfare of Disabled people and children. It is usually an occasion to observe the lack of opportunities and facilities that are available for people who have physical disability and help them be recognized by the world around them. There isn’t any rule as to how people should help others, but it’s generally understood that they should spread awareness about disabilities, and how a person is affected when they’re suffering from it. People also try to help Disabled by inviting them to their homes, and/or including them in their own activities so that they never feel alone and isolated.

A number of NGO’s also help in spreading information about the day, and conduct activities that help put disabled people in the spotlight, celebrate their difference and not mock them for their deficiencies.

It is always better, however, when everyone is enthusiastic about the day and understands the need to be kind and kind to people who might not be as fortunate in life as we are. It is also a day to remember that even though we’re all different, sometimes, we can be together if we put out differences aside and help those who are in need.

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