World Chocolate day 2018, a day to eat and celebrate the most popular sweet

World Chocolate day 2018, a day to eat and celebrate the most popular sweet
Written by Abhishek Rana

World Chocolate Day, is celebrated on July 7 every year, since its conception in 2009. It is an eve to cherish one of the most celebrated sweet in the world, that is almost universally loved. The day is meant for people to consume the sweet, and even gift it to their loved ones, as a way to show them affection. On social media, the day is also an excuse for people to post beautiful pictures of chocolates, jokes and greetings related to it. It is another day to bring positivity in your life, as there’s nothing better than sharing sweetness with people around you.

Chocolate, apart from being very famous for its sweet, silken taste, is highly versatile as a food too. It can be made into Chocolate ice cream, can be topped on Popsicle, stuffed like sauce in cookies to make them burst in your mouths. It is also adapted by different cultures according to their food, as in India, there has been a rage for chocolate Samosas, in which it is poured into the standard make of the delicacy.

There are also many other western deserts that can be made more delicious with the help of chocolate: pies, bars and cookies being the most prominent examples that are consumed by the public. Chocolates also make one happy, and is gifted to people whom one loves. It has long been a tradition to present a box of chocolates to someone you admire, and it has steeped itself in the consciousness of the culture. Even in pop culture, movies have scenes of a boyfriend giving his lover chocolate, or advertisements that show witty shots of girls gravitating toward chocos. And even if you have a sugar problem, non-diabetic, and dark chocolates are available to purchase, so that everyone can enjoy its magical taste in their own ways.


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