World Autism Awareness Day, to encourage acceptance and removing any stigma

World Autism Awareness Day, to encourage acceptance and removing any stigma
Written by Abhishek Rana

World Autism Awareness Day is an Internationally recognized day for raising awareness about Autism. It is meant to encourage people to recognize the developmental disorder, and to accept the differences, while also making attempts to eradicate the stigma that is attached to the disorder. The symptoms for Autism are often visible during the early childhood and are characterized by impairment in social interaction or communication, and repetitive behavior. Children who are autistic might find it difficult to maintain eye to eye contact with a person, might have some behavioral tics or speech patterns. They might also have underdeveloped speech, which makes it difficult for them to express their views.

Still, Autistic children shouldn’t be ostracized, since they can learn to lead a normal, functioning life, although parents must take appropriate actions and manage a special education for them. Being different doesn’t mean that they ought to be viewed as separate from the society, as they make their contributions to it as well, and should be treated with care, but equally, and without condescension or pity.

Applied Behaviour Analysis, which uses a lot of techniques like modeling, and how the environment effects the behavior of the child and trying to make amends, speech and language therapy to improve communication skills, and occupational therapy, to develop new activities for the children. It is only through appropriate education can we stop the stigmatization of Autism in our society. Blue is a color that is associated with the day, and people are encouraged to wear blue colored clothes or tags to raise awareness about the disorder. Many conferences are held for the purpose of raising awareness for schools, parents and others who might not have the knowledge about the disorder and its education. Everyone is requested to read about Autism, and spread the information, so that others can be helped too.


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