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Whatsapp responds Indian Govt over Fake messages and rumours issue

Whatsapp responds Indian Govt over Fake messages and rumours issue

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned company, wrote a letter to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology that said he was horrified by shocking acts of mob lynching and fake message rumours. Whatsapp has said this while taking cognizance of the Indian Government’s concern about repeated misuse of its platform for the promotion of stimulants. The IT Ministry on Tuesday asked Whatsapp to take prompt action and to ensure that the platform should not be used for the undesirable purposes. The Ministry has asked the company to take action due to the public prosecution of rumors of non-responsive excitement through the mobile, due to the petty beatings matters of innocent people.

We, like the Indian government, are terrorized about these gruesome acts and want to react quickly to the important issues that you have raised,” Whatsapp said in a reply to the letter written by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on July 2. It is believed that this is a challenge in which the government, civil society, and technology companies need to work together. ” Whatsapp has said is that he will research on why rumors are spreading on this platform in India. In order to improve its understanding of the security problems of users, Whatsapp said that it is starting a number of awards for researchers interested in finding issues related to wrong information on the WhatsApp in India.

Whatsapp spokesperson said, “Whatsapp worries about the security of its users. We have to work with leading experts in India to get more information on how to use an online platform to spread fake news and information. we are moving forward. “

Whatsapp has over 20 million monthly active users in India. The company has taken several measures and has already taken action to spread the wrong information and prevent misuse of the forum.

Priorly, The Central Electronic and Information Technology Ministry ordered the Whatsapp to stop ‘irresponsible and sensitive messages’. It has been said in the statement issued by the ministry that the MEITY has taken strict cognizance of these irresponsible messages and their spread from such platform. Such developments have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the senior management of Whatsapp and they have been advised that necessary steps should be taken to prevent the spread of these fake and sensational messages.

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