Victoria to become first Australian state for legalising assisted death law

Victoria to become first Australian state for legalising assisted death law
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Victoria Australia’s second largest state to make assisted death law legal. Victoria today come over with another toward adopting a law allowing voluntary assisted dying for terminally ill patients. And the law of voluntary assisted death is passed by the upper house of the Victoria state. Under this law, any person of the Victoria state over 18 years age, suffering from a terminal illness and left with less than six months to live can request a lethal dose of medication by physicians under the new legislation.

However, assisted dying will remain illegal across Australia’s five states. As per the reports out of 40 senators of Victoria’s upper house around 22 have supported the legislation for assisted death. And in Victoria, legislation required amendments to pass the upper house including halved the time frame from 12 months to six months to live for patients under this law.

Therefore, the amendment must need the approval by the lower house before becoming the law. Although there will be exemptions for the sufferers of conditions such as motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis patients can request a lethal dose of medication if they have given up to a year to live. However, many countries like Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland and some states of US have legalised euthanasia. But Australia’s federal government has opposed legalising euthanasia. Now, Australia’s second largest state Victoria to pass a law of physician-assisted death.

Moreover, sometimes people get confused with euthanasia and physician-assisted death. Euthanasia is when physicians administer the means of death by giving lethal drugs to a patient. While PAS (Physical assisted Suicide) is required individuals voluntarily expresses for his or her wish to die with a request for a lethal dose of medication.

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