US President Donald Trump’s house caught fire his morning in New York

US President Donald Trump’s house caught fire his morning in New York

Fire breaks out at Trump Building this early morning in the New York City. Smoke from the fire could be seen on the terrace of the building. Though US President Donald Trump wasn’t there in the building when the fire broke out in his Tower in New York.

As per the New York City Fire Department, the blaze started by 7:00 AM, but soon the firefighting team was surrounded by their equipment. Though no casualties have been reported and the evacuation is to be continued. Also, one person has been injured in the fire at the upper west side of the New York City in the Trump Tower. The smoke caught the attention on the 21st floor where a heavy blaze of black smoke was captured by the media and the people. Soon the firefighters reach the location on time and quickly contained the situation. The exact location of the fire was Fifth Ave. skyscraper, located in East 56thSt. New York.

The great news is that US President Donald Trump was not present at the moment in his home in Manhattan when the heavy fire took place. People on social media are leaving no chance for uploading photos and videos of the thick black smoke, rising fire of both the houses and residence when the fire took place at the Donald Trump Tower this morning in the New York at 7:00 AM. As of now, no casualties have been reported. And no further details have been immediately available.

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