US North Korea tensions may lead to World War 3

US North Korea tensions may lead to World War 3

North Korea and US arousing tensions may lead to World War 3 as per the reports. Several media organisations reported that North Korea is not interested in diplomatic solutions to its tensions with the US until its capable of developing missile. While on another side, it is reported that the United States is not ruling out the eventual talks with North Korea. On Monday the North Korea has warned the countries at the United Nations to not to join the United States in military action against the Asian state. So, you will be safe from retaliation.

According to the sources, in the United Nation section the Kim In Ryong North Korean Deputy UN Ambassador said as long as one does not take part in the US military actions against North Korea, we have no intentions to threaten to use nuclear weapons against any other country. And he further added that US mainland is under the firing range on North Korea. So, if the US dares to invades our sacred territory even inch then they will not be escaped from their severe punishment of missile attack.

Although, it is to be said that some days before the fighter planes of America fighter planes were seen in North Korea. And probably both the countries are planning to have world war three that will totally impact their friendly Nations such as Russia, China, India and Pakistan.

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