US North Korea tensions uplifted after the Korean UN ambassador Kim threatened other countries with Nuclear missiles. As per the reports, several provocations from the North Korea government in the form of the testing of a major nuclear weapon and unauthorised missile launches that have expanded the potential of a conflict between the states. According to the reports the physical engagement between the two nations still controversial. If we talk about the impacts of the conflict between the US and North Korea. The most important impact of any conflict between the US and North Korea would be the catastrophic loss of life.

The economic impact is also one of the major impacts that affect the development of both the countries along with the financial crisis. However, if we see the scenario of Second world war, we came to know about some major impacts such as economic crisis, financial problem, poverty, hunger etc.

The impact of the US North-Korea was may also lead to the tension between the various friendly countries like India, Russia, China and Pakistan. This tension between the US and North Korea may also lead to the major impact on India’s economy as the market will get down during the war between two countries. And we all know that the India is developing country so any economic crisis at this moment would take India 10 years back. Moreover, World War 3 led the impact on global economy.

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