US Military targets Tehrik-i-Taliban leader in Afghanistan

US Military targets Tehrik-i-Taliban leader in Afghanistan

The US Army attacked by the drone to the head of Tehrik-i-Taliban (Terrorist Organisation of Pakistan) and terrorist gangster Mullah Fazlullah in East Kunar province of Afghanistan. The United States Army has officially ratified the Voice of America. However, there is no confirmation yet to be the death of Mullah in this attack. Mullah is the head of the Tehrik-i-Taliban. He was involved in many terrorist conspiracies including the Malala Yusufzai attack event. Allegedly, he planned to attack New York’s Times Square in 2010, but he failed. Lieutenant Colonel Martin O’Donnell said that the drive is being organized by the US Army on June 13 for the removal of terrorists in Kunar province, Afghanistan, and Pakistan border area. However, he told this without specifying that Fazlullah was the target.

He further said,”that the Tehrik-i-Taliban, a close ally of the al-Qaeda, gave training to Faisal Shahzad to attack in Times Square in New York. This terrorist group had attacked in Peshawar Army School in December 2014, in which about 150 people were killed. There were more than 132 children, while more than 9 school people were from the school staff. At the same time, the number of injuries was recorded more than 245.

It is notable that the US is showing a tough stance on terrorism flourishing in Afghanistan and its surroundings. Recently, the US announced the reward for the information of three big Pakistani terrorists, whose total amount was Rs 70 crores. There was a reward of $ 5 million (about Rs 32 crore) on Mullah Fazlullah, Abdul Wali, and Manal Wagh for three-three million dollars respectively (about Rs 19-19 crore). Earlier, the US had attacked by a drone in Afghanistan, in which Mulla’s son was also reportedly killed. The strike comes amid a cease-fire between the government security forces and Afghan Taliban to mark the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

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