UK Minister Priti Patel resigns from her position

UK Minister Priti Patel resigns from her position

Priti Patel, who was England’s International Development Secretary, has resigned from the position due to the rising tensions in the England Government. Priti resigned after accusations were made against her that she had been in contact with some Israeli Politicians and had also booked a holiday for Israel. As of yet, no further revelations have been made about her meetings, or if the Prime Minister Theresa May had any knowledge about them.  Before Priti, last Wednesday,  the Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon had also resigned because of sexual assault accusations. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson could also be compelled to resign from his position because of his insensitive comments against an British-Iranian citizen, who is as of yet, imprisoned in Iran.

In her resignation letter, Priti noted, “While my actions were meant with the best of intentions, my actions also fell below the standards of transparency and openness that I have promoted and advanced.” Priti had initially declined to name the Politicians she had been in contact with, and with time, Downing street had retracted its support back when other revelations were made. Priti had apologized publicly on Monday.

The new revelations made against Priti Patel have been criticized and her loyalty to the English Government has also been questioned.

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