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U.S. Survey Results: India ranks number one for the World’s most unsafe country for women safety and security

U.S. Survey Results: India ranks number one for the World’s most unsafe country for women safety and security

U.S. Experts has surveyed on 26th June, in which some embarrassing figures have come out once again for India. In this poll, it has come that India is the most unsafe country for women. This is because, in this country, there are easier to make sexual violence against women, being forced into slave labour. After India, the second and third ashamed positions have been achieved by war-zone countries like Afghanistan and Syria. India is top on Thomson Reuters Foundation survey of about 550 experts on women’s issues, followed by Somalia and Saudi Arabia. However, Somalia and Saudi Arabia are ranked fourth and fifth in the 10 most dangerous countries for women, and 10 Worst Countries for women’s list.

In addition to being first in this list of India, there is a surprise that America is at number three on this list. In the case of sexual violence against women or harassment and being coerced into sex, the United States is in the third place.

Priorly, A similar survey was conducted in 2011. In that survey, countries such as Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India, and Somalia had declared the most dangerous and unsafe countries for women. After the survey, experts say that since the case of the gang-rape of the year 2012, adequate steps have been taken to protect women in India.

According to the Government of India data, between 2007 and 2016, there has been an increase of 83% in cases of crime against women and Every four cases of rape are reported in every hour. The country is one of the most unsafe country for women in the 193 member states of the UN. In this survey such types of questions were asked, where the health-related facilities are the worst for them, where the economic situation is worst for them, where is cultural discrimination against them? Sexual violence is the most and where there is a maximum sex without consent.

The respondents have named India as the worst country in terms of human trafficking, sex slavery, domestic violence, feticide, forced marriage and for housewives also. The Ministry of Child Development has refused to give any kind of statement on the results of this survey.


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