Twitter updates Character limit upto 280, delights and annoys people

Twitter updates Character limit upto 280, delights and annoys people

In a new update which has delighted some people and annoyed others, Twitter has now updated its character limit up to 280 alphabets, doubling it with previous 140, so that people will be able to write long posts on twitter. Twitter had begun the updates a few months ago, but it was available to only few people. Now, when you open twitter, and write tweet, a little circle will appear where the word count is supposed to be and will complete when the user has finished writing 280 alphabets. The new development has amused some people, and irritated others, who think that twitter is not a place to write an essay, and the site should only be used to write short thoughts.

Nevertheless, people seem to enjoy the update, sharing quotes from their favorite authors or movie lines, or spreading information about specific subjects. Official pages for movie news, political discussions and social sciences have jumped on the opportunity, and are using their tweets to write detailed version of their stories and the gist of their articles.

There is no way to predict how well the new update is going to be recieved in the long term situation, but for now, it seems to give people enough distraction and enjoyment.


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