Syria war 2018: Guns on the head of a toddler during bombing

Syria war 2018: Guns on the head of a toddler during bombing

Bombing continued in Syria since last two days; total 5oo peoples have been died in this war till yet. As bombardment start bombing in the rebel-held areas of east Damascus, ten people were killed in this air-strike. The Syrian government and their associates are doing the air-attacks in the areas of east Damascus. Health officials in the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta are accusing Syrian government forces of using chlorine gas in their aerial bombardment campaign in the Damascus suburb. Just a few hours before a rescue worker saved a child from a multi-floor destroyed building near the enclave of eastern Ghouta. The Syrian Observatory for human rights, White Helmets said,”an airstrike killed nine peoples in the Douma.

In this tweet, some small kids are at the gunpoint of attackers during the Syria war 2018. A Syrian citizen posted this Twitter twitter by saying this,” If the citizens of the world don’t get together to stop the genocide in Syria, then they must permanently hang their hands in shame. U.N secretary criticised the participants in the battle for failing to abide by a 30-day cease-fire. He said,”it’s “high time to stop this hell on Earth” in eastern Ghouta”.  He expects the “resolution to be quickly achieved and sustained.”

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the “humanitarian pause”, He says,” it would run from 09:00 until 14:00 local time (07:00-12:00 GMT) daily”. In a further statement, the ministry of Russia said the Syrian Red Crescent would serve to set up the corridor, and people would receive data about it via from leaflets, text messages and videos.

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