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Sushma Swaraj a liar, Doklam belongs to China – China’s Global Times

Sushma Swaraj a liar, Doklam belongs to China – China’s Global Times
Written by Shilpi Gupta

China warned India again this time and called foreign minister ‘Sushma Swaraj’ a liar. Article in the global times said “She (Sushma Swaraj) is lying to the parliament. India’s invasion of Chinese territory is a plain fact.” The article claims that DOKLAM region is their territory and Ruling government will not even compromise a single inch of this land and suggested India to withdraw its troops for any further talks.

It doesn’t stop here and went on to the extent to warn India of a possible defeat if situation gets escalated into a military conflict. It also raised question on India’s Army capabilities by saying “India’s military strength is far behind that of China.

If the conflict between China and India escalates to the intensity where their row has to be resolved through military means, India will surely lose , The State controlled Chinese’s media threatened New Delhi of the severe consequences by saying “If Indian troops continue trespassing into China’s territory, what Beijing may do next is to get prepared for a military confrontation against New Delhi and resolve the conflict through non-diplomatic means, Back in 1962, India underestimated China’s resolution to safeguard its territory. We hope India won’t repeat this mistake,” the article said.

On the other side report shared by CAG in the Parliament says that there has been no significant improvement witnessed in WWR (War Wastage Reserve) ammunition, WWR is the reserve of ammunition at the time of Intense War, In addition In addition, the report said that the availability of more than half reserve types of ammunitions was below the Minimum Acceptable Risk Level (MARL). The CAG also said that 40% of ammunitions were at a critical level, having stock of less than 10 days. This clearly says that there is a shortage of ammunition to fight even intense war, for 10 to 15 days. Out of a total of 152 types of ammunition, the stock of 121 types of ammunition which is 80 per cent was below the authorization level of 40 days (I) (WWR).

Such critical deficiencies clearly raises a question before the ruling government that it will be difficult for the army to, if the need arises, fight against two countries at the same time. The report highlights such deficiencies is a follow up audit of the ammunition management in the army, which was conducted in January 2017.which covers the period from April 2013 to September 2016.

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