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Study shows that kids can have sense of self-worth similar to adults

Study shows that kids can have sense of self-worth similar to adults

A new study say that even young children may have a sense of self-worth similar to that of older kids and adults and might feel discouraged if you belittle them. According to psychologist new research if you often tend to discourage your child during a given task, it will reduce the ability to complete, think on finishing the task. The study even revealed that our ability to send our self-worth as individuals develops early in life and can feel the self esteem. If children is possessing abstract traits and abilities can also be about their self worth. “Young children’s concepts are not qualitatively and is different from those of older to them,” said Andrei Cimpian, Associate Professor at the New York University in the US.”However the maturity about one self also means that children become dispirited in the face of failure and are not the undaunted optimists that previous theories have described,” Cimpian added.

The study shows that how young children can think of themselves and create their own behavior terms  unlike older children and adults capable of their traits and worth as individuals. Though its been long thought that young children are incapable of reasoning about their worth but recent studies fail this believe.  The study, which appeared in the journal Child Development was conducted a series of studies for children ranging from age four to seven years, during the experiment the children were asked to imagine and they could not complete a task despite of “trying really hard”. It informed to them that task is easy for some and difficult for others. The result showed that children performed and lowered their estimation of their abilities, but not their global self-worth, when told they failed an easy, as opposed to hard, task. This stated that adult involvement coming out negatively could affect self-esteem over independent of the task.

The study shows it is important for both parents and educators to understand children real time need and stop discouragement or force the children to perform the task. To encourage the children both should create a productive environment and must pay attention to children behavior when they feeling discouraged.

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