State of the Union address: Donald Trump extends Unity and immigration proposal

State of the Union address: Donald Trump extends Unity and immigration proposal

American President Donald Trump has finally extended his first State of the Union speech. On Tuesday, during the SOTU address Trump had called for unity at the end; also, remind the audience that people built this country and they are the one who makes America great again. He used his first address of the State of the Union to expand two conflicting messages at a time. The first message of Trump is to celebrate the results of combative and deeply partisan first year. Another one is to call upon all the Democrats to join him to work together.

He started his speech with a statement on Unity. He said he called upon Democrats to set aside the differences, to seek out common ground and to summon unity that we need to deliver for people, we were elected to serve. In around 90 minutes long address Donald Trump also talks about a subject such as immigration. He cast an issue as one of safety and said that the open borders which allowed by past administrators had opened the doors for street gangs to thrive and cost Americans their lives. He said ‘dreamers’-the undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children then they stay and become citizens. He said Americans are the dreamers too.

President’s first address at the State of the Union had also made few disruptions in the chamber. As some of the Democrats have groaned during Donald Trump’s comments over immigration and the member of Congress at the Capitol. The State of Union address is an annual message which has been presented by the President of United States before the joint session of the United States Congress. Usually, this address has been conducted on Tuesday. It includes an economic report, as well as the budget session of the nation. Also, allows President to throw a light upon Legislative agendas.

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