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Sleep well to stay away from diseases

Sleep well to stay away from diseases
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Health Is Wealth is a phrase which should be followed by every individual of today’s generation. These days it is a trend to work late, eat late and sleep late but the people doing that specially the younger generation never realize the consequences of these habits in the long run. People have started running for money and for that reason the healths of the people are getting severely effected. It is a fact that the people who are in a continuous habit of sleeping late are prone to weight issues and are also at risk of  developing diabetes

The findings showed that people who were sleeping an average of six hours a night had a waist measurement that was 3 cm greater than individuals who were getting nine hours of sleep a night. People with shorter sleep were also heavier. The results strengthen the evidence that insufficient sleep could contribute to the development of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, the researchers said. As per Greg Potter from the University of Leeds that is in UK, the  number of people with obesity worldwide has more than doubled since 1980. Obesity contributes to the development of many diseases, most notably Type 2 diabetes. Understanding why people gain weight has crucial implications for public health. Further, people with shorter sleep duration also had a decrease in the levels of HDL cholesterol — also known as good cholesterol which helps remove ‘bad’ fat from the circulation and protect against conditions such as heart disease.

Because it has been found that the adults who reported sleeping less than their peers were more likely to be overweight or obese, our findings highlight the importance of getting enough sleep.

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