Selfie by a women causes $200,000 worth of artwork damages

Selfie by a women causes 0,000 worth of artwork damages
Written by Karu Cheema

A women knocked over about 10 pieces of artwork, causing $200,000 worth of damages while taking a selfie at the 14th Factory Exhibition in Los Angeles. CCTV video footage revealed that women wanted to take a selfie with one of the displayed crowns, reports Xinhua news agency. When she crouched down for the best angle, she suddenly fell backward and knocked one over and caused a domino effect, as all were closely placed togeether.

All other pieces in that row were knocked over. Their value is estimated at $20,000 each. A spokeswoman of the 14th Factory confirmed to Fox News on Saturday that three sculptures were permanently destroyed, while others were partially damaged.

She said the damaged artwork could take the artists about 20 to 30 hours to make, and many artists have careers that span over 20 years. The 14th Factory Exhibition is a non-profit temporary art project that will run till July 30.

It is still not known whether the said women would be held liable for compensating artwork damages or the exhibitionist have to bear the cost damage in getting those artwork repaired.

Famous Artwork Damage Past Incident

In one of the most famous past incidents in artwork damages, In Neyork’s metropolitan museum, Women accidentally fell on Picasso’s “The Actor” painting, making an five-inch rip. Estimated value was over $130 million. After three months of repair , the piece was restored but alas by killing little bit of originality.

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