Sarahah Exposed: Fake app to exploit your fun

Sarahah Exposed: Fake app to exploit your fun
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Sarahah is the new sensation that creating a lot of buzz on the social media in the world of technology. Sarhah is a Social feedback sending or receiving app that is developed by the Saudi Arabic Programmer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. Although it was mainly developed for the office use so a worker can give feedback to their bosses. But nowadays everyone starts using it as a social network. As per the reports, the developer of the app said that Sarahah is meant to help you “self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback.” He said that according to his Facebook timeline the people are really having fun with this app. And also one of the most common things was that people are scrambling to guess the name of the person who sends that anonymous message.

Although there are several third party apps those are trying to exploit the fun of Sarahah app by offering services that supposedly reveal the identity of the anonymous senders. However, we advised people to not to sign up with such websites as signing up to those websites could be very very risky.

According to the several reports, is the website to ‘expose’ the usernames of Sarahah message senders. This website asks you to enter your username and click on a ‘click now’ button to decrypt the messages. It also allows users to send Sarahah users anonymous messages. Moreover, Sarahah exposed app is a spam spewing website that attempts to creep in a malware or adware. And by providing your username or other’s username you are putting your data at risk.

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