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Russian foreign ministry affected by large cyber attack

Russian foreign ministry affected by large cyber attack
Written by Karu Cheema

Russia’s Foreign Ministry experrience large scale cyber attack originating from Iran and Hungary, as per spokesperson Maria Zakharova. Zakharova said the attacks on the ministry’s mail server, which occurred on June 29, “resulted in grave consequences”, reported The Moscow Times.

Hackers briefly accessed electronic communication between ministry officials, Zakharova told reporters during a regular briefing.

The ministry’s system administrators temporarily blocked its mail service to block off the attack, she said. This is the first instance when Russia’s Foreign ministry has dispensed information about its servers being successfully hacked.

When a US hacker boasted last October he had successfully hacked the ministry website, Zakharova said he had targeted a defunct version of the sitem The Moscow Times reported. Zakharova said that 88 per cent of all visits to the site were cyber-atatckers with US IP addresses.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in January revealed its website had been under “hundreds and thousands” of attacks every day from different countries, including China, India and the European Union.

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