Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake resigned over corruption charges in a bond scam today. But maintained he had done no wrong.Making a statement in Parliament, Karunanayake said all the allegations levelled against him were “baseless” and he had resigned to protect the image of his government, the Daily Mirror newspaper reported. “I have never done anything wrong, and I resign with pride to create a new political culture in Sri Lanka and ensure good governance.”

Karunanayake’s name had surfaced in a controversial Central Bank bond scam which is being investigated. He said he had no connection with the incident in question and time would prove his honesty.

“Everyone knows about my wealth. People from my party and others have visited me in my house. They knew I do not use my wealth for politics,” he said. Karunanayake resigned ahead of a no-confidence vote requested by a group of opposition legislators.

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