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PM Narendra Modi’s 3-Nation tour begins today, click here to know why it’s important

PM Narendra Modi’s 3-Nation tour begins today, click here to know why it’s important

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be on a 3-Nation tour of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore from today to June 2. Prior to leaving for Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India has strong relations with these three countries and their visit will further boost the country’s East Policy. He said, for the first time in Indian History any Indian Prime Minister will address this conference. This will be an opportunity to express India’s views on regional security issues. In a statement, the Prime Minister said on the Facebook page that he will be in Jakarta on Wednesday on the invitation of Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

He also said that this is my first visit to Indonesia as a Prime Minister. The discussions will be held on May 30 with President Widodo. At the same time, we will have a joint dialogue with the Indo-Indonesia CEO Forum. I will also address the Indian community in Indonesia. While going to Singapore on May 31, he will stay in Malaysia for a short while, congratulating the new leadership of Malaysia and meeting the new elected Prime Minister Mahatir Mohammed.

Prime Minister will meet Singapore’s President Halima Yakub on June 1 and also will do the delegation level talks with Singapore Prime Minister Lee. On June 2, he will be unveiling of a plaque in Clifford Pier, where Gandhiji’s status was immersed on March 27, 1948. The Modi Government started the Act of East India, which aims to focus on the Asia Pacific region.

Why is Indonesia Tour Important?

1)China has New Maritime Silk Route, it goes from Malacca, Indonesia to Djibouti in Africa. That is, in a way, this root encircles India. India is going to have a similar agreement from Indonesia that trade-defense corridor will be built between the two countries. If we have a better synergy with Indonesia, then we will be able to counter China’s maritime silk route.

2)China is looking at Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar-Philippines end boundaries. If Indonesia comes with India, then we can stop the churning of China near Andaman-Nicobar.

3)Indonesia is the emerging economic power in South-East Asia and at present, India has also emerged as a global force. If we make a strategic alliance with Indonesia, diplomatic the bargaining from China India will be on the positive side.

Why is Singapore Tour Important?

  1. India is in Asia-Pacific region along with Japan, Australia, America. Due to the current unstable foreign policy of Trump, we will need some other partners in the Pacific region. If India takes Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Malaysia in its favor, India will be able to access more maritime security and Blue Water Economy.
  2. Lee Kuan, the Prime Minister of Singapore, had said on ASEAN forum that if ASEAN wants to touch the heights, then he must include both his wings i.e. India and China. That means India can make good penetration in ASEAN via Singapore.
  3. Calling India for giving a speech in the Shangri-La dialog means that the country’s stature has definitely increased. It has been growing effectively with the greater efforts of Government of India.
  4. Shangri-La Dialogue was started in 2002. It includes defense ministers, army chiefs and top officers of the Asia-Pacific region. During this period, Modi’s focus will be on peace and security in the Indo-Pacific Ocean region. India has a better chance of keeping its policies in front of the world on this issue.

Modi visits 11 countries in this year

May 21-22: Russia

May 11-12: Nepal

April 27-28: China

April 16-20: Sweden, UK, Germany

February 09-12: Jordan, Palestine, UAE, Oman

January 22-23: Davos

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