Pakistan’s Quetta church suicide attack killed at least 5 people

Pakistan’s Quetta church suicide attack killed at least 5 people

Today, suicide attack on a church in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta have killed at least 5 people. As per the reports, on Sunday morning, at least five people were killed in suicide bombing attack on the church of Pakistan. The police and hospital reported the death of five people presented at the church. According to the media reports, the second attacker fired upon the worshipper during the midday service at the church. The police chief said that the second attacker has extremely wounded and killed by the security forces.

As per the reports of the Pakistani media organisations, at least 20 have injured and were taken to the nearest hospital. According to the sources, around four gunmen took the suicide mission to the church. Also, the Pakistani government have declared the emergency at the hospitals. The police said that we have cleared the area around the church immediately. The witnesses have reported that heavy gunfire in the neighbourhood and they don’t understand what is happening as suddenly four gunmen held firing upon the church. According to the sources, more than 200 people were gathered at the church for the service during the time attack.

Therefore, the Chairman of Pakistan Imran Khan has strongly condemned over the attack on Church in Quetta. And urged the Pakistani government to ensure special protection for the churches as Christmas festival is coming. He extended his prayers and wishes to the injured people and families. Although it is not the first suicide attack in Pakistan, last month also a suicide attack targetting the paramilitary soldiers have killed at least four people and have injured more than 15 people. The attack has also killed a senior police official. Whereas in October month seven police officials were killed in a bomb attack. However, no militant group have taken the responsibility of today’s attack.

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