Orionid meteor shower 2017: Annual event to light up the sky this week

Orionid meteor shower 2017: Annual event to light up the sky this week

Orionid meteor shower to flash through the sky above the Otago Peninsula on October 20-22. So, on this Saturday you have a chance to make up to 30 wishes an hour when the best meteor shower of the year reaches its peak. The Orionid meteor shower called as so because the shooting stars on the display come from the constellation Orion which will be the best from its midnight through the sunrise on Saturday. The Orionid meteor shower has caused by the tiny pieces of the cosmic dust left behind the Halley’s Comet.

However, it happens every year in October and this year the Earth will hit these stream of particles nearly. The Halley’s Comet is the event which passes the planet every 74 to 79 yrs. The Orionid shower has always remained consistent and this year marks a particularly good time to view the moon because the moon has just entered the new moon phase. Although to watching the meteors is not particularly valuable scientifically, the person who loves the night sky and stars can have the most basic pleasures during the meteors shower.

The Orionid Meteors shower can be seen anywhere in New Zealand Griffin a former head of public outreach for NASA said. He also added further that the Orionid meteor shower to be visible earlier in this week, but meteors were due to reach their peak Saturday morning early. It is considered to be the some of the brightest and fastest meteor showers that will streak across the sky in full glory.

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