North Korea terrifies Japan with nuclear destruction

North Korea terrifies Japan with nuclear destruction

On Tuesday North Korea threatened Japan with nuclear destruction says reports. North Korea Threatened in response to Tokyo’s attempts to convince the international community to reject dialogue in favour of applying more pressure on Pyongyang. As per the reports, the article that released by the KCNA Korean Central News Agency includes that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speech at the UN general assembly last month, in which he called pressure not a dialogue to force North Korea to scrap its nuclear ambitions. It also added that Abe had already shown his sinister political goal with increasing defence costs and calling snap elections measures.

Shinzo Abe Japan PM accused by Kim Jong-un chairman of North Korea of using the theory of crisis on the Korean peninsula for political purposes. THe article of the agency stressing that if the Japanese people are the first victim of a nuclear disaster in the world then it will be a tragedy of the century. In the ongoing nuclear weapons programme, the tensions on the Korean peninsula have escalated to its highest levels over Pyongyang. North Korea launched series of missiles this year and denoted hydrogen bomb in September that prompted a round of UN sanctions and international criticism.

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