No Shave November: All the facts and Myths about the charity event

No Shave November: All the facts and Myths about the charity event

No Shave November is a charity event that is celebrated to help charities accumulate money for Cancer patients. The even originated in Western Countries, where a hair cut costs $ 20. Instead of spending it, men are advised to save it and then grant it to the charities that deal with raising money for patients suffering from cancer and other diseases. However, the event is very obscure in India and could be misunderstood as a game in which men have to grow stylish beards, then show it off on social medias like Twitter and Instagram. The event is specifically oriented in raising awareness about men suffering from Cancer, and needs help from healthy people to make it possible to spread it.

In India, there is little to no information about the event, and it can lead to misunderstood posts on social media that can sometimes come as offensive or ignorant. There is no absolute rule against growing a beard, so men can retain their facial hair but can still donate money and help raise awareness about the event.

It is important to be aware of certain things so that people aren’t confused about the event and can add their contributions to the stream of supporters in the fight against cancer.

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