Nawaz Sharif, EX-Prime Minister of Pakistan, sentenced to ten years in Jail

Nawaz Sharif, EX-Prime Minister of Pakistan, sentenced to ten years in Jail
Written by Abhishek Rana

Nawaz Sharif, the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan has been sentenced to ten years in Jail, by the decision of the court. He has been found guilty by the The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) court on the charges of corruption. Maryam Sharif, his daughter has also received a seven-year sentence, while his former security officer Safdar Awan has been granted one-year in jail. They  have also been filed by the court, Nawaz will have to give 10 million dollars while Maryam must pay 2.6 million dollars back to the government. He has been sentenced to jail as the country is preparing for general elections in Three weeks time. The charges of corruption, and sentence has been rooted in the controversial reveal of the Panama Papers leak that occurred in 2015. The papers showed that his children had maintained connections to some offshore companies which helped them procure assets and property.

They have property in London’s Park Lane, but have alleged that they bought the houses without any involvement of wrongful means. Nawaz and Maryam are both in London. He is there for the treatment of his wife, Kulsoom, who was diagnosed with throat cancer last year, and has to shift to England for her medical care. Nawaz had said that he’d rather hear the sentence while he was inside the court, having being present for 100 sessions with Maryam, but his request was denied.

It is yet to be seen if he is going to come back to his country and faces the sentence. He has been three time Prime Minister of neighboring country but has been disqualified from holding office in public.

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