Nawaz Sharif and his Daughter Maryam to be arrested before entering Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif and his Daughter Maryam to be arrested before entering Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, and his daughter Maryam, are going to be arrested mid-air, on their way to Pakistan. His supporters are likely to surround the airport to protest his arrest. Pakistan’s media has been warned not to stop live streaming/telecast of comments from Political leaders, that might contain objectionable and derogatory comments about Nawaz Sharif. The media regulator has said that the media and news channels were airing videos that had indecent content in them. They have been advised to only use edited footage for their news pieces, without anything that might be considered to be in interest of malice.

Nawaz Sharif’s mother Shamim Akhtar had commented that she won’t let her son be imprisoned, and if the government sends him to Jail, then she’ll accompany him behind the bars too. Nawaz Sharif has been accused and charged for corruption, relating to obtaining property in London.

He has been sentenced to ten years in Lahore jail, while his daughter has to serve seven years for corruption charges. He will also have to fulfill the fine of 8 million euros to the government while Maryam will have to pay 2 million euros as a penalty for her crimes. Nawaz Sharif has also been banned from holding a office in public in his lifetime by the government.

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