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What is Momo Challenge? Why parents are worried about it?

What is Momo Challenge? Why parents are worried about it?

Now MoMo Challenge trouble is becoming a problem for Parents. Like the Blue Way Game Challenge, it is compelling people to commit suicide. Actually, unknown numbers are coming to the Whatsapp app nowadays. The problem starts, after saving these numbers, in many cases, these can be proven death. Distributing ‘death’ these numbers give ‘MoMo’ challenge. Through this game, criminals engage young children and young people. Like the Bluewhale game, this challenge makes the user so distraught that they do not even go away from taking their own life. This challenge is full of dangers. On completing the Challenge, Momo (a Fictional Character) scolds and threatens to give a severe punishment. This causes the user to scare away and becomes aware of the instructions of Momo. In the case of Momo, user depression also becomes prey. Most of these users are young and small age groups.

What is MoMo Challenge?

The first thing in the Momo Challenge is that the user gets an unknown number, which is given the challenge to save hi-hello. After this, then the challenge to talk to that unknown number is given. After Hi-Hello, the user gets horror images and videos from that unknown number. After this, the user is given some work, which is scolded and intimidated to the user. In the case of Momo, the user becomes prey to depression. The user is forced to commit suicide by fearing the threat of Momo.

According to a media report, In Argentina, a 12-year-old girl had committed suicide in the past. He had recorded a video before suicidal. The police suspect that he has been provoked to do so. The police is being searched for the 18-year-old man who was in touch with that girl. Police say that the kidney mobile has been hacked for the search of the young man and the conversation between the two is being removed.

In the year 2016, the Blue Whale Game spread terror in the whole world. Around the world, many children embraced death in this game’s affair.

Most of those who take the Momo Challenge are children and young people. After taking personal information through the Momo Challenge, people trapped behind it also use blackmailing their families and demanding ransom.

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