Manhattan, New York terrorist attack leaves 8 dead and 11 injured, attacked shouted “Allahu Akbar”

Manhattan, New York terrorist attack leaves 8 dead and 11 injured, attacked shouted “Allahu Akbar”

Eight people were crushed dead by a van in a terrorist attack in Manhattan, New York. The attack took place on a bike path, and was only some blocks from the World Trade Center. According to the eye witnesses, and the authorities, the aggressor, named Sayfullo Saipov, shouted “God is great” or “Allahu Akbar:, which seems to indicate that he had ties with ISIS. The terrorist was neutralized by the police when he jumped out of the vehicle, after committing the atrocity. Prsident of U.S Donald Trump tweeted condolences for the dead and their family members and asked the police authorities to advance “already extreme vetting” and also stated that while being politically correct is fine, but it doesn’t apply for such circumstances.

United States was still recovering from a devastating terrorist attack, carried out by Stephen Paddock, who was a resident of Mesquite, Navada, whose shooting assault on 22,000 people attending a concert. His attack left 50 dead and 500 injured.

The recent incidents have left the residents of the country in a state of shock and confusion. A note found in the van of the Terrorist seem to confirm that ISIS organization was responsible for it. Officals later confirmed that this was indeed a “Terrorist attack” and not something unusual.

In a short statement, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, “There’s no evidence that suggests a wider plot or a wider scheme.” He said the episode was “the action of one individual who meant to cause pain and harm and probably death, and the resulting terror.”


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