What is a Lunar Eclipse? Get to know about the phenomena

What is a Lunar Eclipse? Get to know about the phenomena

Lunar Eclipse is a phenomena that occurs when Moon, passes directly behind the planet and casts a shadow. It is necessary that the Sun, Moon are in perfect alignment with each other, and/or close enough to each other so that Earth is placed between them. A more important factor is that the a Lunar Eclipse can only take place during a full moon. The Earth blocks the light that the moon receives completely. The light of the moon appears reddish, orange, because of Rayleigh scattering of light. And because of the color, it is often called Blood moon by people.

A Lunar eclipse can be seen from anywhere in the world, unlike Solar eclipse, which can be glimpsed from only certain places around the globe. If its a total Lunar eclipse, it is going to continue for a few house, while a Solar Eclipse only continues to exist for a few moments before waning. The reason could be that Moon’s shadow is relatively smaller than Earth’s.

The Lunar Eclipse can be watched by people without the help of any aid and there is no need to apply any sort of eye protection to watch it because the light is weaker than that of a full moon. Lunar Eclipses can occur two or five times a year, but Total Lunar Eclipses are not often witnessed in succession. There have been many supernatural and religion based predictions related to the Blood moon. The most popular of the beliefs is that a tetrad, four lunar eclipses, beginning from April 2014 that coincided with Jewish holidays, and with the presence of six moons in between, would be harbinger of apocalypse as was described in the Bible in the Book of Joel, Acts 2:20, and Revelation 6:12

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