Kim Jong Un’s visit to China and what it could mean

Kim Jong Un’s visit to China and what it could mean

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, recently visited China, and had talks with Chinese President, Xi Jimping. His visit has been planned but the Chinese authorities had made strict arragements that the news not leak from the country. That, however, wasn’t successful, as even though the authorities cut some words and phrases, such as his name, the Chinese public still tweeted about Kim, by using tactful names like, “Fatty on the train”, ” The Obese patient” etc. This caused much amusement on social media. Kim Jong Un’s visit however, showed that the leader still has influence over the nuclear talks.

Ever since Donald Trump, the President of United States took the office, the two leaders have exchanged quite a few sharp words about each other in the media, with Trump referring Jong Un to rocket man, and insane. The tensions between the two countries has been growing for quite a few months, as North Korea began to test nuclear missiles, and even positioned them toward the western superpower.

But now, it seems that Kim could meet Trump soon, and agree for the denuclearization of Korean Peninsula. It seems that the tense relationship between China and North Korea has been mended, if the pictures of the two is any indication. Trump has been threatening for a trade war, but it won’t matter much if China is supporting North Korea.

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