Kabul suicide bomb attack killed 20 and injured 70; Taliban claims responsibility

Kabul suicide bomb attack killed 20 and injured 70; Taliban claims responsibility

Another Kabul suicide bombing attack killed around 20 people and wounded 70 others in the Afghan capital. According to the reports, it was the suicide bomb attack taken in the Afghanistan capital, Kabul. The reports confirmed that the explosion happened near to an old interior ministry building. The Taliban claimed the responsibility of Saturday attack with the explosion reports. The suicide bomb attack leads to the huge plumes of dark smoke above the city, Kabul. The media reported that the witnesses near the city had heard at least three continuous explosions.

Kabul city has massively jolted with the explosion and Taliban claims responsibility. Saturday’s incident comes a week after a Taliban claimed attack on the luxury Intercontinental Hotel in the city. And the earlier attack had left at least 18 people dead and days after the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria killed around three people in Jalalabad at the office of Save the Children. The blast in Kabul took place during the lunchtime on a relatively calm day. The police officials reported that a suicide bomber carried out near the heavily guarded checkpoints which jolted a city with a massive explosion.

As per the reports, a suicide bomb left around 110 injured in the centre of Afghanistan capital Kabul. It was terrific blast which taken out near the old interior ministry building close to the office of European Union and the High Peace Council. The reports are also coming that the ambulance was used to hide the bomb. Just like this attack, the Taliban took this attack a week ago. The Kabul has also marked around three attacks earlier in December month, 2017. The attack of Kabul has left the city covered with dark plumes of the explosion. The officials said death toll would increase and the injured had taken to the hospital for the medical attention.

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