Kabul suicide attack at Afghan voice, Teyban centre kills 40 people

Kabul suicide attack at Afghan voice, Teyban centre kills 40 people
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Kabul suicide bombing attack killed at least 40 people and several gets injured. As per the official reports, the explosion took place early on Thursday in the area close to Afghan Voice agency and Teyban centre. The director of Istiqal Hospital Mohammad Sabir said these suicide bomb attack has killed 40 and wounded dozens including women and children. And the spokesman for the Interior Ministry called it a suicide bomb attack. Another attack in the capital city Kabul took place in northern Balkh province. It was a roadside mine attack in which killed around six shepherd children.

According to the sources, the suicide bomb blast targetting a cultural centre in Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul. Najib Danish said in the reports that there were two explosions took place. And still, we do not know the target of the attack. As per the reports, heavy casualties were reported among students attending a panel discussion with researchers at the agency. However, Afghanistan is among world’s most dangerous countries for media workers. As per earlier reports, in Afghanistan, two journalist and five media assistants were killed at the jobs. Also, Afghanistan is World’s highest number of mine victims which killed and wounded around 140 people every month.

Although, it’s not the first suicide attack in Kabul city. There are numbers of several attacks which took place in Afghanistan and Kabul. On Wednesday, the attack took place in Taliban on a security police post in central Ghazni province which killed three police officials and wounded one. The suicide attack in Kabul took place at 10:30 am near the Tebyan social and cultural activity centre where one survivor and social activists were gathered for a meeting. In accordance with that, the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee and the global human rights group Amnesty International have called the government to take measures to prevent media in Afghanistan.

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