Gun Violence in South America : Gunmen kills 11 people attending party in Mexico

Gun Violence in South America : Gunmen kills 11 people attending party in Mexico

Gunmen killed 11 people attending a party in Hidalgo in a shootout, in a state in central Mexico, security officials told media on Thursday. The gunmen, were apparently wearing hoods and killed “seven men and four women”, Hidalgo Public Safety Secretariat spokesmen said, reported by Efe news.

Several children survived the shooting early Thursday at a house in the city of Tizayuca, security officials said without providing figures on the number of survivors. The emergency services center received a call at around 12.10 a.m. for assistance, the secretariat said.

Police and paramedics arriving on the scene found “11 dead people inside the house,” security officials said. Investigators are gathering evidence at the crime scene, the secretariat said.

American continent has been reeling under such kind of incidents , with many of them happening in United States of America. Past protests have not gained much steam in the past and hardly any steps have been seen to curb Gun Violence. Gun violence has taken an emotional and physical toll on the society, where few communities are hell bent against any kind of bill against gun control. Interestingly, cases of gun violence in mexico are comparatively lower then United States of America.

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