Free Balochistan Campaign: London buses demanding Baloch Independence from Pakistan

Free Balochistan Campaign: London buses demanding Baloch Independence from Pakistan
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Free Balochistan campaign has now carried to the London buses. After the several attempts of banning and censoring its activities by Pakistan government, now once again World Baloch organisation carried out the strong advertising campaign for demanding independence of Balochistan. The latest campaign of the World Baloch organisation carries posters of Free Balochistan on over 100 London public transportation buses. Once again Balochistan came over with Independence campaign with a new strategy to get the support of the world. London buses now demanding independence for Balochistan with Free Balochistan posters. Balochistan is the part of Pakistan which now want to be an independent country.

As per the reports, the World Baloch Organisation spokesperson Bhawal Mengal said that it is the third phase of London campaign to raise awareness about Pakistan’s human right abuses in Balochistan and the Balochistan people right to self-determination. He said they started this campaign with the taxi adverts and roadside billboards, now advertising on London buses.

Free Balochistan campaign was started early this month with posters that expose atrocities performed by Pakistan in Baloch region. However, the Pakistan government has complained to the UK envoy in Islamabad. Later on, UK foreign office asked the removal of posters from the famous black cabs of the city. After that on 13th November WBO carried out campaign to London buses on the Baloch Martyrs Day.

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