Earthquake jolts southeastern Iran with 6.2 magnitude

Earthquake jolts southeastern Iran with 6.2 magnitude
Written by Pallavi Parmar

The earthquake with 6.2 magnitude jolted Iran today. As per the reports, the northeast of the Kerman shook with dangerous waves of Earthquake in Iran. However, no immediate reports of the damage of casualties have been reported. As per the reports, the earthquake has hit the 57 km depth with 6.2 magnitude waves. Another earthquake that hits the Iranian state at 5.4 occurred in western Iran on Monday, where last month 530 people died because of 7.3 magnitude earthquake. The President of the Iran Hassan Rouhani has highlighted his government efforts in supporting, bringing aids and temporary housing to the victims for the last month earthquake.

Although Iran is the Earthquake-prone zone as it sits on major fault lines. According to the reports, the earthquake with 6.6 magnitudes in Iran killed over 26,000 people in 2003. Also, the epicentre of the earthquake in Iran has reported near the town of Hejdak. As per the reports, the rescue team present in the reason have not reported any damage to the property and casualties to the people. It is the dangerous sign for Iran as one month back on 12 November, the earthquake with 7.3 magnitudes struck between Iraq and Iran the border region which killed around 500 people. Also, the tremors of the quake were felt in the Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

According to the Seismological Centre, the epicentre of the quake was about 10 km deep. Earthquake hit the area of Azgaleh in Kermanshah province Yesterday. And the closest cities in the areas like Nowsood and Kermanshah have shivered through this dangerous earthquake. As per the reports, Iranian Plateau is the subject of the most types of tectonic activity including faulting, volcanic eruptions and active folding. Over the years, the earthquake killed thousands and just in one month, Iran has jolted with two dangerous earthquakes. No casualties and damage have reported by the officials yet.

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