Earthquake in Indonesia, 6.0 magnitude

Earthquake in Indonesia, 6.0 magnitude

Indonesia experienced an earthquake of 6.0 magnitude today.  According to the  US Geological Survey, the earthquake is reported to be centered somewhere offshore western Java at a depth of about 43 kilometres (27 miles). The epicentre was found to be situated about 153 kilometres (95 miles) southwest of Jakarta. The earthquake is considered very powerful, with the ability to shake off buildings if it falls somewhere in the sensitive areas. Indonesia is vulnerable to earthquakes because it is situated at the “ring of fire” area on the earth, thus, also experiencing many volcanic eruptions in its vicinity. There has been no reports of any casualties because of the earthquake, but the people were still left worried because of the disturbances.

But, there have been no warning about an impeding wave of Tsunami for now, and it seems that the earthquake won’t return in its severity. People already began to update their twitter accounts about the earthquake, as no one was aware of the intensity of the disturbances, they just wrote about the duration, and many reported it lasted for at least 20 seconds. There was a flurry of concern all over social media, as people began to share messages about the earthquake, many worried that it might cause too much damage to them.

People also shared pictures of the earthquake, where buildings are seen shaking and people are trying to run out of the gates and in the open roads, shouting for others to follow them.

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