Donald trump slams North Korean regime during Asia Tour

Donald trump slams North Korean regime during Asia Tour

Donald Trump, the President of the United States has criticized the North Korean regime during his trip to Asia. In a tweet posted by The White House account, Donald Trump, through a statement, has said that the world nations should join forces to destroy the brutal, totalitarian regime in the North Korean country. It must be noted that the President of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un and Trump have shared sharp word before, when Trump called Kim Jong, a rocket man because he’d directed the countries missiles to be positioned towards United States. Trump has also warned that he’ll retaliate with “Fire and Fury” if it comes to a war.

The North Korean officials recently branded Donald Trump, “Insane” because of his impulsive behavior on twitter and bizarre statements. Trump has already declined to visit the North-South Korean border, and broken years of tradition.

It is yet to be seen what reaction this statement is going to cause, but it should be noted that Kim Jon-Un is a severe leader and isn’t going to be very keen on Trump’s threat to end his regime with the help of other countries. Trump’s statement has already cause a stir on social media and is being criticized for his words.

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