Donald Trump meets with Kim Jong-Un: A H-istoric meeting

Donald Trump meets with Kim Jong-Un: A H-istoric meeting

American President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet the infamous dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-un in Singapore. The meeting will take place on the morning of 12th June 2018 at 09:00am Singapore time (11th June at 9 p.m. EDT). What is said to be a historic meeting for both the countries and their leaders, the preparations are going well from both sides.

“We are actively preparing for the 12 June summit between the president and the North Korean leader,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, that planning for the historic summit continues.

According to Sanders’ statement the White House ‘advance team’, which features military, security, technical and medical staff were already on the ground in Singapore ahead of the meet. They are “finalizing preparations and will remain in place until the summit begins,” said Sanders.

The announcement of the timing and the date of the two leader’s first  meeting came just three days after Trump hosted a senior North Korean delegation at the White House bearing a letter from from the North Korean dictator. Trump, who had previously cancelled the summit, abruptly announced the meeting was back on. When asked about the contents of Kim’s letter, White House spokeswoman Sanders declined to “get into the specifics of the letter” but added  “we feel like things are continuing to move forward and good progress has been made.”

“I can tell you the president has been receiving daily briefings on North Korea from his national security team,” Sanders added.

The focus of this meeting will be US’ efforts to get North Korea to abandon its nuclear program and make itself a denuclearized country.  North Korea is believed to have developed a nuclear device that could be placed on a missile that could strike the coastal areas of the United States.

When asked whether the US ‘maximum-pressure’ campaign against North Korea would continue, Sanders said U.S. policy had not changed and Washington continued to maintain tough sanctions on Pyongyang.

“It’s not – I never said it goes in one meeting. I think it’s going to be a process. But the relationships are building, and that’s a very positive thing,” the president said. He also said that there would be no new sanctions when the talks of both the leaders are going on, although the White House was hesitant to state that existing sanctions will not be removed either.

“We have sanctions on, they are very powerful and we would not take those sanctions off unless North Korea denuclearized,” Sanders said. Last week Trump said that he no longer wanted to use the phrase ‘maximum pressure’ to describe the campaign because North Korea was being more cooperative, even though the United States is keeping current sanctions in place, he also indicated that he was willing to embark on a lengthy series of talks that would ease pressure on the regime.


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