Donald Trump is “incurably mentally deranged” says North Korea

Donald Trump is “incurably mentally deranged” says North Korea

North Korea has now called Donald Trump, “Mentally Deranged” in a personal jab for the President of the United States, before his visit to Asia. In other reports, the White House’ representatives have now revealed in a statement that Trump won’t be visiting the North-South Korean border. However, this isn’t the first time the two countries have spoken harshly about each other, since Donald has threatened to deliver “Fire and Fury” if North Korea even makes an attempt to attack United States. Kim Jong-un, on the other hand, has also made it apparent that his country will be retaliating to any sort of threat and attack from U.S if it became transparent that they were creating trouble or interfering in their national decisions.

Donald Trump had previously called the president of North Korea, as “Rocket Man” a snark against the decision of pointing the countries missiles towards U.S and the reports that North Korea was testing the ammunition that would be capable of reaching United States.

Any new comments from North Korea won’t help in mending the fraying relationship between the feuding countries and Trumps sudden announcement about cancelling visiting plans are surely going to give Kim Jong-Un another reason to speed his military efforts against the worlds strongest country.

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