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India China Doklam standoff : Bhutan hopes for a peaceful issue resolution

India China Doklam standoff : Bhutan hopes for a peaceful issue resolution

First high level meeting between India and Bhutan took place after Doklam standoff. Bhutanese Foreign Minister Damcho Dorji met Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and expressed hope that the situation is resolved peacefully. Meeting was mainly focused on the standoff between India and China army , in Doklam, In Sikkim sector. The two ministers put their respective positions as well as reiterated the stances on the face off, according to he diplomatic sources.

“We hope the current standoff in Doklam will be sorted out peacefully,” said Bhutanese Foreign Minister Dorji after the meeting, and added that “both sides should be satisfied with the outcome”. The meeting comes after Government of Bhutan on Thursday refuted Chinese foreign ministry claim, that Thimpu had told Beijing of trilateral junction in Doklam not being a Bhutanese territory.

On 8th August , China re-iterated its stance through its state run news agency Xinhua News Agency, that if their is any border issue related to Doklam, it is between China and Bhutan, and Indian forces should leave the region immediately. Interestingly, Indian government and foreign ministry lead by Sushma Swaraj has shown effective diplomatic strategy and courage by meeting Bhutan’s Foreign minister.

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