CO2 concentration in air broke all time record in 2016

CO2 concentration in air broke all time record in 2016

The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere rose to an alarming rate, increasing 50%, which is the highest average than 100 years. According to the scientists, this occurrence is due to the global warming brought in by Human consumption of fuels and the El neno effect, and the result is a shocking condition that hasn’t been witnessed for 800,000 years. Scientists also state that this will make it almost impossible for us to remake what is lost of the environment, as the damage done is too much to be ignored but too big to set right. The report was presented by World Meteorological Organization.

The measurement for the results were taken from 51 countries, and was based on the emission of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. The results shows what level of CO2 remains in the atmosphere, after being absorbed or soaked up by Oceans.

The scientists have agreed that figures are indeed alarming, and they haven’t encountered anything like this in 30 years, since the organization was established. Before, the biggest leap in the results had been come in 1997-898, at 2.7ppm, and now it has increased upto 50%, at 3.3ppm. This must act as a waking up call to the people and the leaders of the nation, and they should now join hands to make sure that Humanity survives this moment of crises.

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