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China reaffirms support to Pakistan as ally in war against terror

China on Friday said that it would continue to support Pakistan as an important ally in the fight against terror, despite recent accusations by the US President that Islamabad harbours terrorist groups within its borders, including the Taliban.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a press conference following a meeting with Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif that Beijing and Islamabad had made great efforts and sacrifices in the fight against terror, which should be recognised by the international community.

According to Wang, terrorism is a global problem that requires all countries to work together instead of blaming each other, reports Efe.

Thus, China reaffirmed its support for Pakistan after Trump said last month that Pakistan was continuing to provide refuge to militants who were targeting the US army.

Asif appreciated the efforts made by China in the mediation between the Pakistani and Afghan governments to take the peace process forward.

In this regard, Wang announced that before the year ends, the first-ever meeting between the foreign ministers of China, Afghanistan and Pakistan is set to take place to address security and cooperation.

Wang added that the objective of the meeting would be to boost trilateral cooperation in order to achieve regional peace and stability.

Kabul and Washington have been accusing Islamabad of giving shelter to insurgent groups for many years, like the Taliban and Haqqani Network, who have been attacking the US and Afghan troops.

Over the years, some of the world’s most wanted terrorists have resided in Pakistan, like Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, who was killed by US troops in Abbottabad in 2011, and Mullah Omar, who reportedly died in a hospital in Karachi in 2013.

Pakistan has repeatedly denied harbouring terrorists and the allegation that it distinguishes between the “good Taliban”, who do not pose a threat to the country, and the “bad Taliban”, who do threaten the country’s security.

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