China backs Pakistan after Donald Trump’s decision to cut Pak military aids

China backs Pakistan after Donald Trump’s decision to cut Pak military aids
Written by Pallavi Parmar

China rushed to defend Pakistan after America stop its financial aids. On Tuesday, China defended Pakistan by saying that the world community should acknowledge its all-weather ally’ for the outstanding contribution to counter-terrorism. A day after the blistering attack of Donald Trump over Pakistan for alleging the state to providing safe havens to terrorists. Today, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that Pakistan has made several efforts and sacrifices for the fights against terrorism and has made an outstanding contribution in the world of counter-terrorism. He added that the International community should acknowledge Pakistan efforts. He also said that China is glad to see Pakistan is engaging in international cooperation and contributing to regional peace and stability.

Donald Trump’s attack over Pakistan on the New Year Eve has blocked around $255 million military aid to Pakistan. In the tweet, Trump wrote that America has foolishly given more than 33 billion dollars in aid to Pakistan over the last 15 years. And in response to financial help, Pakistan has given lies and deceit to the US. Therefore, the United States has blocked the aids up to 1,628 crores to Pakistan which depicts that after India, the US has accepted Pakistan as a terror state. Whereas, China has come over with the support of Pakistan to counter America.

As per the reports, the Chinese foreign minister has accelerated support to Pakistan said we are ready to stand to promote and deepen all-round cooperation to bring benefits to two sides. Presently, China is investing heavily in Pakistan as the part of 50 billion USD under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Earlier, India has also raised some objections over the CPEC as it passes through the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Also, CPEC is providing China to access the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. In response to Trump’s tweet, China praised Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts.

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