Bangladesh plane with 67 passengers crash lands at Nepal Airport, Kathmandu

Bangladesh plane with 67 passengers crash lands at Nepal Airport, Kathmandu

A Bangladesh plane, which was carrying 67 passengers, crash landed at the Nepali Airport, which is situated in the capital of the nation, Kathmandu. Even though more details are awaited, it is being reported that 17 people have died in the crash, while 17 have been rushed to the hospital. According to the sources, the plane became unstable while it was trying to land, and crashed at the outskirts of the airport. Rescue authorities have already reached the site, and the all departures from the airport have been halted for the moment. The plane was 17 years old.

Plumes of smoke rose to the sky as the plane burned after crashing, and eyewitnesses’ have also reported that the flames were too furious and could be seen by a distance. The plane crashed at 2:20 PM. Police and the army are trying to slice the parts of the airplane to salvage the people, and for now, 20 passengers have been sent to the hospital. The officials are also trying to put the fire out, as it would keep the work from progressing quicker. There were four crew members aboard the plane.

People took photos and videos on their phones and posted them on the social media, and they show the chaos at the site of the crash, as the police and the army, along with others ran toward the smoke to save the people and put out the blazing fire that had engulfed the entire plane.

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