Australia same-sex marriage affirmed with 61.6% votes; Yes to marriage equality

Australia same-sex marriage affirmed with 61.6% votes; Yes to marriage equality

Australia has finally said yes to same-sex marriage. It is a pivotal step in Australia for legalising marriage equality after conducting a national postal survey. Allowing the same-sex marriage is one of the biggest victory for the Australians LGBT community. Today Australian Statistician David Kalisch has finally announced that the said yes campaign in Australia has secured around 61.6% votes to allow same sex marriage. Two months ago, Australia conducted the unprecedented national survey for same sex marriage. In this survey, more than half percent of Australia has supported marriage equality for the same sex.

With this decisive step toward the law of same-sex marriage, Australians have broken out celebrations after the two months of the survey. Today, the results of two months earlier postal survey of the “say yes” campaign has announced which overwhelmed favour for legalising same-sex marriage. As per the reports, more than sixty percent of the population voted in the favour whereas around 38% population voted against the same-sex marriage.

However, the survey has finally come over with the decision in the favour of same-sex marriage. And this long-running campaign has finally ended with happy tears in eyes. As the result announced in Melbourne, the people in the crowd started celebrating and singing. The decision of legalising marriage equality have poured great happiness among rainbow colour and the prominent supporters of same-sex marriage.

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